Denmark seeks to boost tourism

The Danish tourist board is aiming to breathe new life into the industry by advertising the positive experiences of past visitors, reports

Tourism to Denmark has been relatively weak recently which has prompted plans to advertise the positive experiences which visitors have had of the country in order to boost tourist numbers. VisitDenmark, the national tourist board, is working with other travel companies to invest DKK 120 million in marketing tourism in Denmark.

Half of the funds will be taken out of the government’s DKK 400 million programme to promote the Danish image abroad in several different sectors. Tourism is cited as an important area for shaping the Danish identity.

VisitDenmark plans to promote the four biggest Danish cities – Copenhagen, Odense, Århus and Aalborg – along with the coastal areas as prime destinations for tourists.

“Outside of our neighbouring countries, Denmark is relatively unknown,” VisitDenmark’s managing director Dorte Kiilerich said. “But the vast majority of people that know Denmark have a positive image.”

VisitDenmark will also look to other Danish industries to promote the country’s image. “We need to think less territorially,” Kiilerich said. “Things like design, environmentalism and style all influence people’s impression of Denmark.”

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