Hearts midfielder makes Icelandic team

Last season the Hearts midfielder Eggert Jonsson was the subject of several negative articles in a Glasgow-based tabloid, but this season Jonsson is shining. After an impressive performance at Tynecastle this week, the midfielder has been called up to the Icelandic international squad for the very first time.

Newspapers once dubbed the 19 year old midfielder as ‘another faceless foreigner,’ but after his first year on the field, he is already turning heads. The young player has already shown much skill although it is still too early to tell just how far he can develop as a player.

Hearts coach, Stevie Frail, said that Jonsson showed promise that would only improve as he played next to a regular midfield partner like Michael Steward. “I just think Eggert Jonsson is improving week-in, week-out and he looks a class act. It helps being in there with the energy of Michael Stewart but the boy is growing every week,” he said.

“He’s been called up to the national squad for Iceland,” Frail continued, “which is massive honour for him at such an early age. Hopefully he’ll just keep doing what he’s doing because he’s a great lad and he’s a great football player.”