Femin women flock to new female-only UK website

FeminA new social networking and lifestyle website for young women has been launched in the UK at www.femin.co.uk

Femin.co.uk is free for anyone to use and features articles on beauty and fashion, health, relationships, sex, celebrity gossip and entertainment. The website is targeted at the 20-45 year old age range and reflects the lifestyles of young modern women. There is a wealth of articles on topics such as celebrity gossip, ideas for the bedroom or informative advice on women’s health issues.

Femin.co.uk is the only site in the UK that offers women-only users the chance to create their own profiles and share ideas and advice on secure notice boards, forums and blogs with other female users.

Femin is also unique for its online shop which is handled in-house by its female staff on Regents Street in London. As more and more women start buying products online, Femin hopes to tap into the growing market by offering a wide variety of products that appeal to young modern women and which can be purchased securely online.

The shop at femin.co.uk sells a whole range of items from female sex toys to beauty products – many of which are unavailable on the British high street. Their biggest seller so far has been the Keeper – an environmentally friendly and more natural alternative to sanitary towels and a product that can only be bought though femin.co.uk

The concept of Femin originates in Iceland where its parent site is the most popular woman’s website there and attracts over 25% of the female population. Its success in Iceland can be attributed to its unique female-only approach which encourages women to share ideas and knowledge on a whole range of topics from sex to shopping in a safe and friendly environment.

For further details on Femin and to subscribe to their newsletter for special offers, news and events visit www.femin.co.uk