Students to live in converted Keflavik airbase

New student residences at the former US Airbase at Keflavik are helping mature students get a university education, despite not having formal education background.

The Atlantic Center of Excellence, otherwise known as ‘Keilir’, will operate out of the old American airbase which used to contain military staff working at Keflavik. 300 former military flats have been converted into student housing and the project has proven so popular that Keilir will be offering an additional 750 when school opens this autumn.

The Atlantic Center of Excellence offers programs which enable mature students lacking their secondary school qualifications to prepare for university. Upon completing the one year program, students are able to study at university. The program is expecting approximately 100 students this year, most of whom will be over 35 years old. Keilir will operate a free bus service between the residences and the University of Iceland in Reykjavik.

The number of mature students expected to take advantage of the residences means that numerous families will be moving in to the area. Planners are expecting some 200 children. To respond to their needs, the Keilir is planning to open a pre-school and an elementary school in the area.

Runólfur Ágústsson, the Atlantic Center of Excellence’s managing director said, “This will become a student community, complete with coffee houses and sports.”

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