Raphael‘s ‘Ten Steps to Greatness’

Templar Downie devises interactive campaign for Raphael exhibition at the National Gallery in London.

As a prelude to the new exhibition ‘Raphael: From Urbino to Rome’, the National Gallery wanted to give friends and patrons a taste of what was coming through an interactive viral campaign.

Templar Downie devised the “Ten Steps to Greatness” campaign based on the artist’s charmed life – born on a holy day, named after an archangel, friends in high places and so on.

Alongside each step, Templar Downie included a personal self-discovery quiz so that everyone could find out if they were born to be great too!

Featuring one of Raphael’s paintings with each of the ten steps, the campaign was both informative and fun. It succeeded in engaging prospective visitors’ interest in the forthcoming exhibition, now expected to be one of the highest profile events in the 2004 arts calendar.