Faroe Islands

Arctic policy passed by Faroe Islands’ parliament

A new framework focused on security, international cooperation, and the environment has been passed in the Faroe Islands by the country’s parliament.

According to the Arctic policy, the Faroe Islands prioritizes democratic sustainability, giving people in the Arctic and North Atlantic the authority to make their own decisions about what happens in their region and have direct and independent representation in relevant collaborations and agreements.

As part of a statement, the Faroe Islands’ government explained, “The Arctic Policy aims to define the Faroe Islands as a partner in the Arctic and strengthen the role of the Faroe Islands in international cooperation and relevant fora, including the Arctic Council.”

“The policy spotlights the Faroe Islands’ interest in keeping the Arctic as a low tension region but that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine requires augmented communication and cooperation with allies,” the statement mentioned.

The Arctic Policy was passed unanimously by the country’s parliament.