Sweden wins single mixed relay race at 2023/24 BMW IBU World Cup season-opener

Sweden has won the season-opening single mixed relay race at the 2023/24 BMW IBU World Cup, with an impressive time of 37:46.9.

Sebastian Samuelsson lead the competition with a swift clean stage in his second prone stage, after having issues during his first leg.

Samuelsson and his teammate Hanna Oeberg took the lead from there, claiming the first win of the season.

“The first standing was tough for me. I started good but when I had a mistake, my legs started shaking. When that starts, it is hard (to shoot). But I am very happy I turned it around in the second part,” explained Samuelsson.

Their Scandinavian peers Sturla Holm Laegreid and Juni Arnekleiv of Norway came in second place, 13.8 seconds behind the Swedish frontrunners.