EU’s most extensive geothermal district heating system starts construction in Aarhus, Denmark

Drilling has officially started in Aarhus, Denmark, for a 2.5-km well that’s set to be the EU’s most extensive geothermal district heating system.

The start of drilling operations was in tandem with an opening event, which showed off a 31-meter tall, 6000-horsepower drilling rig.

In attendance were the board chairman of the district heating company, Kredsløb, Thomas Rand, Finance Minister Nicolai Wammen, Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard, and Denmark’s Nature Conservation Association.

“Today is a significant day for Aarhus and Denmark’s green transition as we move from planning to action, initiating drilling to provide Aarhus’s first geothermal district heating by 2025. When the facility is completed, it will be a key element in securing the stable and green supply of the future and a significant contribution to the city achieving its climate goals in 2030,” explained Rand.

“Geothermal is truly exciting in this regard. Today is a good day, and I look forward to following the project going forward,” added Wammen.

Photo: Innargi