Greenland introduces new Arctic basic training program by Danish Armed Forces

A new educational program has been launched for Arctic basic training developed by the Danish Armed Forces, in order to strengthen Greenland’s “preparedness and resilience”.

The six-month-long is set to begin in May 2024 and will provide military skills training. This includes weapons handling and first aid under Arctic conditions.

The program is a collaboration between Denmark’s Joint Arctic Command in Nuuk, the Greenlandic government, as well as the country’s rescue services and police.

Mayor General Søren Andersen, Chief of the Joint Arctic Command, explains, “The educational program will provide young people in Greenland with broad basic training which can strengthen the collective Greenlandic preparedness.”

“This education also gives young people a unique opportunity to gain study credits, which can give them access to Greenlandic education programs within preparedness and the police profession. We also hope it can create fertile ground for more young people in Greenland to try out for the Armed Forces afterward.”