Three Icelandic artists recognized in NOMEX Top 20 Under 30 list

It has been announced by NOMEX that three Icelandic artists have been recognized on its “Top 20 Under 30 – Nordic Music Biz” list.

Icelandic artists Bjarni Daníel Þorvaldsson, Junia Lin Jónsdóttir, and Sólveig Matthildur Kristjándóttir will be representing Iceland and collecting their awards at the ceremony during By:Larm festival in Norway on 14th September.

According to NOMEX, the “initiative focuses on diversity across industry sectors and genres, reflecting the varied music scene in the region. This year, the list also highlights an industry talent from the Faroe Islands, expanding its reach. NOMEX, a collaborative effort involving Export Music Sweden, Music Export Denmark, Music Finland, Iceland Music Export, and Music Norway, has been dedicated to nurturing growth and development within the Nordic music sector for over a decade.”

“Behind the scenes, the young professionals play a significant role in the rise of Nordic music and its global impact, bringing new perspectives and innovative ideas to the ever-evolving industry,” explains NOMEX.

Bjarni Daníel Þorvaldsson is an artist in the collective ‘Póst Dreifing’, Junia Lin Jónsdóttir is the Creative Director of the artist Laufey, and Sólveig Matthildur is part of the popular band Kælan Mikla.