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Iceland sees huge increase in employment for 2023

June 2023 saw the highest amount of employed individuals in Iceland, reaching 225,700, an increase of  3.4% compared to that of 2022.

There are around 74,500 Icelanders working in Iceland, which is around the same number as last year. However, the number of migrants working in the country has increased from 44,100 to 51,300; an increase of 16.2%.

According to Statistics Iceland, the biggest increase is the number of jobs in the tourism sector with 40%. Around 17,100 Icelanders are registered as having their primary job in the tourism sector. Around 14,100 of migrants are also employed in tourism, at 14,100, up from 11,400.

Statistics Iceland states that 69,500 people are employed in the category of “public administration, education, health and social services”, which is the largest single category.

In construction, about 11,900 are Icelanders and 6,200 employees are migrants; a record number for the industry.