World’s largest floating offshore wind farm officially launched in Norway

The world’s largest floating wind offshore wind farm has recently been officially launched in Norway as part of a partnership between Equinor and various other stakeholders.

The Hywind Tampen wind farm originally started producing power in November 2022, with the farm’s full energy output finally hitting its peak this month.

The wind farm’s output will be supplying nearby oil and gas platforms and cutting their greenhouse gas emissions. The farm is expected to reduce emissions by 200,000 tonnes annually.

Speaking to Reuters, Kjetil Hove, Equinor’s Head of Exploration and Production in Norway, explains, “We have a clear ambition in Norway with respect to CO2 emissions, to reduce them (by) 50% (by) 2030 … To do that we need power.”

The wind farm’s 88 megawatts of capacity will cover 35% of the power demanded in five platforms annually across oil and gas fields in the North Sea.

Photo: Karoline Rivero Bernacki / Equinor ASA