Sweden’s plan to build ten new nuclear reactors receives criticism from environmental experts 

Sweden’s plan to build at least 10 nuclear reactors over the next two decades has caused criticism from environmental experts, stating it will come too late to meet the country’s energy needs as well as it being too costly.

Romina Pourmokhtari, Sweden’s Climate Minister, has stated that it needs to double the country’s electricity production in 20 years to meet its climate goals.

These additional nuclear reactors would drastically increase the country’s current nuclear output, with its 6 reactors accounting for about 30% of its electricity production.

Professor at Lund University and member of the European climate advisory board, Lars J Nilsson, claimed that the move was only “symbolic”, and disputed that the new reactors were needed.

“You cannot certainly say that we need 10 new reactors. Right now the expansion of electricity production in Sweden is through wind power,” explained Nilsson.