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European Union’s new passenger regulation to be applied in Sweden

A proposal by the Swedish government has been applied that could change the laws of train passenger regulation, including exceptions that need to be made for both local and regional train journeys.

According to a statement put out by Sweden’s Ministry of Justice, “That law introduces an exception to the traveler’s right to a price reduction if a delay is due to an extraordinary event, such as extreme weather conditions or a major public health crisis. This corresponds to a similar exemption from the railway companies’ liability for compensation that has been introduced in the Train Passenger Regulation.”

Exclusions for the regulation’s scope also include railway traffic conducted for historical purposes or tourism purposes.

This new regulation should become effective as of 7th June 2023.

“The regulation contains rules on, among other things, the right to compensation in the event of delays and what information travelers must receive. It also contains rules on measures to facilitate travel for people with disabilities or reduced mobility,” explains the statement.