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Denmark opens graveyard for imported CO2 underneath the sea

A project to store carbon dioxide 1,800 meters beneath the North Sea has started in Denmark. This move marks Denmark as the first country to bury CO2 imported from overseas.

The site is an old oil field where CO2 is injected to prevent further warming of the atmosphere and is expected to store up to eight million tonnes per year by 2030.

Speaking during the inauguration ceremony in Esbjerg, Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik commented, “Today we opened a new chapter for the North Sea, a green chapter.”

According to Danish authorities, the graveyard is a “much-needed tool in our [Denmark’s] climate toolkit” to help reach its target of carbon neutrality as early as 2045.

The graveyard could make up almost 40% of the country’s requirements to reach “net zero”. This could also make up 2%-3% of Europe’s requirements.