Largest ever wolf cull takes place in Sweden

In a controversial move, hunters proceeded with the largest cull in Sweden, with 54 wolves being shot.

The Swedish government has authorized the killing of 75 wolves in its 2023 cull, over double that of 2022. The shooting has caused frustration from conservationists but praise from farmers.

Daniel Ekblom of the Nature Conservation Society commented that the scale of the cull is “tragic” and that “It could have consequences for a long time to come.”

On the other hand, Kjell-Arne Ottosson, a Christian Democrat MP and vice-president of the parliament’s environment and agriculture committee explained, Wolves are a threat for those of us who live in rural areas…We have to manage that. We have to take this seriously.”

Speaking to public broadcaster SVT, Gunnar Glöersen, Predator Manager at the Swedish Hunters’ Association, stated, “This cull is absolutely necessary to slow the growth of wolves. Sweden’s wolf population is the largest we have had in modern times.”