Volcanic eruption in Iceland: Watch as it happens via Livestream

A volcano has erupted in Iceland on the surface of Geldingadalir in the Reykjanes peninsula, near the country’s capital Reykjavík. You can now watch the eruption as it happens live via this livestream.

Earlier today, the volcano’s magma reached the surface of Geldingadalir. This is the first time since last September there has been volcanic activity in the region when lava stopped running from Fagradalsfjall in the Reykjanes Peninsula.

Specialist in Natural hazards with the Icelandic Met Office, Ein­ar Hjör­leifs­son, confirmed that the size of the crack is around 100m.

A “code red” has also been declared to prohibit airplanes from flying over the eruption site. However, helicopters will be sent in to survey the situation.

The country’s Met Office is now looking into the eruption to assess the next steps.