Plane on route to US lands in Iceland due to bomb threat

During a flight from Frankfurt, Germany, to Seattle, US, a bomb threat
written on a bathroom mirror onboard an Airbus A330, caused the journey to be cut short by making an emergency landing at Iceland’s international airport in Keflavík.

Condor Airways’ flight DE2032 left Frankfurt at 13:30 on Monday 25th July, which should have been a routine flight to the US. Instead, the aircraft made a sharp turn as it passed over Greenland and diverted to Keflavík.

Passengers were told during the flight that the plane needed to divert to Iceland because of an unspecified “operational error”. Flight attendants sealed the bathroom who then informed passengers that the plane had to land because the bathroom was out of order.

Úlfar Lúðvíksson, Police Chief in Suðurnes, explained that police operations are underway, and work is being done according to specific procedures that require special forces.

There was a total of 266 passengers onboard the plane.