Over a quarter of Icelanders battling obesity

According to Iceland Monitor, Iceland’s branch of Overeaters Anonymous (OA) has stated that 27 percent of the country is battling obesity.

Overeaters Anonymous states that the number of obesity-related operations has dramatically increased in the country, meaning that people are addressing the problem of food addiction and seeking solutions.

A statement from the OA notes, “Of course, there isn’t always a direct connection between obesity and food addiction, but nonetheless, it is a fact that we, Icelanders, are the fattest of all OECD nations, according to a report published in December of 2020.”

OA is an organization similar to that of Alcoholics Anonymous, where a 12-step system is used to help people change their unhealthy relationship with food and body image.

“We know from experience that if you solely focus on losing weight, the result won’t last long. It is essential to tackle all the factors that cause food addiction, since it is a physical, psychological and emotional disease,” explains the statement from Overeaters Anonymous.