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COVID in Iceland: 70 percent of population may have caught the virus

Since the COVID-19 pandemic first began, 130,000 people in Iceland have been registered of having the virus with an estimated 130,000 people have been infected without being diagnosed, according to the country’s Chief Epidemiologist, Þórólfur Guðnason. This combined number amounts to roughly 70 percent of the population.

It is estimated that the COVID pandemic could reach its peak in the country within two to three weeks.

According to Guðnason, “COVID-19 is still causing serious illness, although the illness is proportionally not as common as during earlier waves of the pandemic.”

It’s encouraged to continue observing individual disease prevention methods to slow the spread of the virus to prevent too much strain on the healthcare system, despite all COVID-19 restrictions in Iceland being lifted on February 25th.

“Widespread illness among healthcare workers has disrupted the operation of healthcare centers in a major way, which is why Landspítali operates at an emergency level,” further comments Guðnason.