Meta promotional video parodied by Icelandic tourist board turns viral

The promotional video for the launch of the parent company of Facebook, Meta, has been parodied by the Icelandic tourist board, which has become a viral smash hit.

Iceland’s tourist board mocked Mark Zuckerberg and Meta in a parody video inviting people to enter the “Icelandverse”. In a similar fashion to Zuckerberg, “Icelandverse’s Chief Visionary Officer” Zack Mosbergsson talks about a “new”, “immersive” world that’s “real”.

In the video, Mosbergsson explains, “Today, I want to talk about a revolutionary approach on how to connect our world, without being super weird. Some said it’s not possible. Some said it’s out of reach. “To them, we say ‘it’s already here… and what do we call this not-so-new chapter in human connectivity? The Icelandverse.”

During the video, Ragnarsson wears the same outfit as Zuckerberg, mimicking his mannerisms.

The video has already amassed over a million views on YouTube in less than a week.