Espionage case in Sweden: new arrest made

In a first in over 18 years in Swedish law, one person has been arrested on suspicion for “aggravated espionage” in a case that has already seen a former intelligence official detained.

Säkerhetspolisen, Sweden’s security service, declined to give details regarding the suspect’s gender or age but stated that the arrest was made in “central Sweden”.

Furthermore, the police statement explained that the suspect was held in connection was a previous case that resulted in an arrest on September 20th. In that particular case, a man was arrested who was in his 40s and was a high-ranking civil servant and former intelligence official.

The aforementioned suspect was held on suspicion of spying but later was questioned for the act of “unauthorized use of classified information”.

Sweden’s public prosecutor has until midday today to decide whether the suspect should be released or remain in custody.