Valka brings a new way of thinking to salmon fillet portioning

Valka is excited to introduce a new approach to salmon portioning and pin bone removal––the Valka Cutter.

It brings X-Ray and 3D imaging technology together with robot controlled water jets to detect and remove pin bones and skillfully analyze fillets for portioning. Cutting edge technology is used to efficiently and effectively portion and remove the pin bones of salmon fillets.

Each fillet is assessed for size and thickness and in accordance with user specifications using the imaging system and portioned to maintain uniformity and efficiency. Because this imaging system is so thorough a variety of cutting patterns and programs can be implemented depending on individual fillet size.

Not all fillets will be in the same state when being processed. With that in mind, the Valka Cutter can use various tools to handle both pre-rigor and post-rigor fillets. Tilted 2D and dynamic 3D water jet robots are used to complete complex optimization tasks and a serrated steel belt holds fillets in place whether they are skin on or skinless.

The Valka Cutter goes above and beyond the traditional parallel line fillet cutting techniques to cutting angled and curved patterns, significantly broadening portioning options. Having these new possibilities means fillet use is maximized and waste is brought down to the minimum. Because these features come together in one machine there is less product handling and a reduction in the amount of labor needed for trimming.

A variety of robot types are available for the Valka Cutter so it may be customized to suit a number of portion types. Not only is the Valka Cutter customizable, and efficient it is also incredibly fast boasting a belt speed of up to 480 mm/sec.Since debuting its water-jet cutting machine at Seafood Expo Global 2014 in Brussels, Belgium, Valka has been focused on increasing its processing presence worldwide. The company contracted with Båtsfjordbruket in September 2019 to provide two complete automated fillet processing lines for whitefish and salmon. It also contracted with Norway’s SalMar in March 2020 to give the seafood supplier with a state-of-the-art salmon grading and packing system. Learn more about Valka’s cutting edge salmon portioning solutions by visiting here.