Sex, Covid and borders most read content on Icenews

Over the past years, there are several articles that stand out as the most read on Icenews, and it’s not about Volcanos. For the past month, the top five list is as follows:

1. Thoughts about Iceland’s casual sex culture (2.7% of reads)
2. Iceland will open its borders on June 15 (2.7% of reads)
3. Denmark to clamp down on animal-sex tourism (2% of reads)
4. How to dance but keep two meters apart (1.8% of reads)
5. This is Greenland’s little red lifeline during the COVID-19 crisis (1.65% of reads)

As Iceland opens its borders, it is important to have followed the countries guidelines, and sorry for those interested there is no animal-sex tourism in Iceland, we asked around.