Hatari Merch Eurovison

Eurovison: Hatari merchandise selling out

The popularity of the Icelandic Eurovision sensation Hatari seems to be taking off, after making to the finals yesterday their online store appears to have grown in popularity and people are buying “Hatari Merch,” and shipping it around the world.

When looking at their website www.hatari.is and reviewing their merchandise selection, it seems like one of their exclusive live size bust statues is sold out at the bargain price of €50.000. Their bust statues are hand carved from an exclusive lava rock by GBB, a world-renowned sculpturist based out of Barcelona, Spain.

According to the website, this is a unique opportunity to invest in a work of art that is guaranteed to increase in value on the hyper-capitalist global art market.

From us here at Icenews good luck on Saturday and remember:

Hatrið Mun Sigra!