CrossMedia Marketing Conference returns in September

THE Crossmedia (Krossmiðlun) conference returns for the fifth time on Friday 14th September between 8:30-12:00 and will be held at Grand Hotel, Reykjavik. Hosted by Pipar\TBWA. This year’s conference will focus on GDPR. In previous years, Crossmedia has spoken about topics such as virtual reality advertisement and digital strategy—both of which have since become more prevalent in advertising. Organisers claim this proves how on-the-pulse the conference is and how valuable the knowledge learned will be.

GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, has been implemented in May 2018 to regulate the commercial use of personal data held by companies and how it is processed. A company must now establish a transparent reason as to why personal data is collected and how it is used. This policy drastically affects the way personal data is used in regard to advertising, which can leave some businesses scratching their heads about what to do next. But there are experts out there who have followed the new policy and wish to teach other companies how to best implement this for advertising.

Pipar\TBWA describes GDPR as: “Opportunity for better marketing and better service.” Adding: “We now have the playbook to work with and, for that reason, we are focusing this year on data and all the creative ways we can use it with better results and have fun with it along the way.”

The keynote speaker for the conference is Baker Lambert, Global Data Director for TBWA\Worldwide, who has worked on development and optimization campaigns for Nissan, Gatorade, Twitter and Adidas, as well as projects with NASA and SpaceX.

Sami Salmenkivi, Global Strategy Director for TBWA policy, is an award-winning entrepreneur and has countless knowledge of business practices, branding and marketing at all levels. Companies he has worked with, as well as his own, are leading in their respective fields, having worked with Apple, Audi and Accenture to name a few.

Edda Blumenstein, Consultant for Omni Channel’s policy, has held numerous courses about the changes in consumer behaviour for businesses. For Omni Channel, Blumenstein has set a clear policy for what customer expectations and needs are and what the purchasing experience should be for the customer.

Elvar Páll Sigurðsson, Digital Marketing Specialist, incorporates a scientific background to his work to analyse data to improve brand performance digitally in creative ways different from other companies. Examples will be reviewed at the conference to show how his work translates to the customer.

The special guest speaker this year will be Sue B. Zimmerman, @theinstagramexpert and social media specialist from Boston, who has 30 years of business experience and of previously managing 18 companies. She will be able give attendees an insightful view on how to systematically use social media, particularly Instagram, to potentially improve a business by up to 40%.

Other lecturers and speakers will be at the conference to pass on their knowledge to best help streamline advertising in all online aspects. In previous years tickets have sold out for this popular conference, tickets are still available on the pipar/tbwa website for 13,900 ISK per person.