Reykjavik by night

Busses barred from the old city centre of Reykjavik

Cars able to carry more than eight passengers and especially fitted mountain vehicles are to be banned from driving in the old city centre of Reykjavik, including Thingholt, Kvos and the old West town according to a new proposal by the city. Two years ago large vehicles were banned within a defined area in Thingholt but this time the ban goes much further both in terms of size of vehicles and scope of the area where big cars and busses are banned.

Stands for tour busses and large vehicles designated to serve tourists will have special parking places and according to preliminary analysis 80% of tourist accommodations will be within 200 meters of such a parking place and 90% within 300 meters.

The area where buses are to be banned in Reykjavik (image: Reykavik – RUV)

Ragnhildur Zoëga, who holds a seat in the residence association of the city centre, is happy with the proposals, she would have liked to see the city take an even larger step and define the whole of the centre off limits for busses and tourist cars. “Its not going to be very nice for the residence of Njardargata and Hverfisgata to have bustraffic outside their windows 24/7” she told RUV’s reporter, adding that it’s a step in the Right direction. Bus drivers are not unhappy with the proposals either, all tough they would have liked to see the ban not reach quite such a big area. They like to emphasize that tour companies want have good collaboration with the residences in the old centre all tough they would have liked to keep their route trough Adalstraeti, which they consider an important route.

The proposals are to be discussed in the city counsel next week, following those talks a decision will be reached as to when the ban is to take effect.