Cars outnumbered people in Iceland last year

The total number of registered motor vehicles in Iceland was 344.664 at the end of 2016 according to a report by Morgunbladid. Motor vehicles in Iceland thus outnumbered people last year. Grey was the preferred colour of cars in Iceland last year and white came second.

The yearbook of the association of car commerce in Iceland revealed it’s annual summary recently displaying those findings. The summary indicates more than one vehicle registered per person in the country in 2016. The population of Iceland counted 335,878 individuals in July last year. The increase of motor vehicles from 2015 was 6%, which is a considerably steeper increase than previous years.

At the same time the yearbook informs that insolvency among companies dealing with cars doubled in 2016. In total 38 car dealers were liquated last year, but sixteen the year before, in 2015. This might be considered interesting in light of the steady annual decrease of liquidations in the previous years between 2011-2015, those years went from forty to sixteen bankruptcies, showing a year by year strengthening in the branch. Furthermore the total turnover in the car commerce last year was 160 million, which makes for a 20% increase from the year before 2015.