Winter isn’t going anywhere just yet

After a few days of surprisingly warm weather lately with temperatures mostly seen over the summer, a magical looking mist shrouding the city of Reykjavik bringing what seemed like white rainbows and over the city, winter has decided its not through with the country. Temperatures are predicted to drop and go below zero in most parts of the country in the coming days. It’s also going to snow in most parts, and cold rain or sleet in the South Iceland. A taste of spring to come is not unusual in February in Iceland often followed by a stark reminder of winter in Mars and even April.

Mountain roads are likely to be affected in the coming weather so for those thinking of traveling be sure to consult sites such as which warns of “icy roads in North Iceland. Snow and hail around all North Iceland, from Djupivogur in the East to Snaefellsnes peninsula in the West” Travellers are advised slow down when driving due to slippery roads and lack of visibility”. There is also an avalanche warning in the west. “Moderate avalanche danger is in mountain areas in northern Westfjords, Trollaskagi peninsula and the Eastfjords”. Keep in mind to follow the weather forecast on and driving conditions if travelling on


(Photo: Raggi Th. Sigurdsson)