Third attempt to form government failed today – Pirates return the mandate

Leaders of the five parties that have been attempting to form a majority coalition government for the past week have decided to end their deliberations today. Birgitta Jonsdottir, chairwomen for the Pirate party which held the third presidencial mandate to lead the deliberations will give back the mandate at 5pm today. Jonsdottir said this was a disappointing conclusion, “When people don’t have courage to leave their comfort zone its impossible to move them to enter into a collaboration with out the conviction that they are able to come trough on the issues they were voted into parliament to fight for” she said that it was impossible during the talks to reach a compromise regarding policies regarding the fishing industry even thought the parties reached compromises where they had previously failed. She further said that during the talks everyone seemed to make their best efforts to come together and she´s convinced that they would reach a conclusion if they had more time. She still believes that this combination of five parties would be able to achieve great things if they would be allowed to form a government. It is unclear what happens next, this is the failed third attempt to form government, never before in the history of the country has it proven so complicated to form a coalition. It is unclear what happens next, the president might give out the mandate for a fourth time, he might allow for informal talks for a while and then there is a possibility to form a national unity government, a broad coalition government consisting of all major parties in the legislature, usually formed during a time of war or other national emergency. Another possibility would be to vote again.