EURO 2016 Iceland

Football: The Winner of Hearts

Iceland might not have won the match against France last night but it sure did win the hearts of most, you only have to look at Google trends to see that Iceland has had more interest in Europe that it had during the infamous Eyjafjallajokull Volcanic eruption in 2010 and this should tell you something about the impact this little nation in the north has had on football history.

People have shown their love, the Icelandic uniform is one of the most sold and the media has shown what that the Icelandic nation is all about.

This is best illustrated by looking at how Twitter and other social media has been flying over the past weeks.


This dream might have ended and Gudmundur Ben has been woken up, but as the team and fans wake up today a new saga begins and now that we have done banks, volcano’s and football who knows where this next saga will take Iceland.