The Rhythm of Geysers a video Installation

The Rhythm of Geysers is a video installation done by artist Sigrún Hardardóttir and is currently being shown at the National Gallery of Iceland. The Installation is an interactive video installation, brings to the foreground the musical diversity of the geothermal site and for the evolution of the work the visitor’s participation is needed.

By participating, the user create their personal experience of the visual and sound composition of the geysers.

The experience of the one participating is similar to playing an instrument or rather conducting different musicians playing different instruments. The different geysers are the musical instruments of this work and the musical harmony is created by the different rhythm and pitches reached at different stages of an eruption.

According to the National Gallery of Iceland the installation is a poem dedicated to the earth in form of 36 videos and an interactive floor-piece that contains 9 pressure sensors.

The Rhythm of Geysers from Sigrun Hardar on Vimeo.

Picture: Andreas Tille