Happy summer – The Arctic Tern has arrived

Summer officially arrived in Iceland yesterday with festivities and parades throughout the country even if many roads around the island are still covered in snow. The migrating birds are arriving one by one and with them the country comes to life with the calls of birds busy with nesting and some have even started laying their eggs. The fist Arctic Tern was spotted on the last day of winter in Hornafjord arriving all the way from Africa. The Arctic Tern is the most punctual of the migrating birds. Biologist Yann Kolbeinsson, who maintains the Facebook side Birding Iceland, has monitored her comings and goings for almost 20 years and from 1998 until 2013 she has arrived on April 22nd on average. The beloved Golden Plover (Lóa) arrived signaling spring on March 26th and to confirm, the Whimbrel (Spói) was spotted on April 16th, all the major players have arrived with their distinctive calls sounding around the countryside and with the arrival of the Arctic Tern its a done deal, summer is here regardless of the mountain snow.