The Golden Plover has Arrived – Signaling Spring

The Golden Plover, a migrating bird that signifies the arrival of spring in Iceland has landed. Spring is around the corner and Icelanders can breath lighter. Photographer Guðmundur Falk, captured the bringer of spring by Gaðskagi at around eleven this morning according to the national broadcasting service.
The Golden Plover holds a special place in the hearts of Icelanders and the first bird’s arrival is announced on every Icelandic news channel each year, a particularly welcome news after a long harsh winter.
The bird is right on time this year, it normally arrives in the end of Mars or sometimes the beginning of April. In winter it resides in Britain, Europe and even in North Africa. Icelanders now await the arrival of the Artic Tern on the pond in Reykjavik to seal the deal, summer is sure to arrive.


(image from collection)