Climate Ops

Climate change documentary seeks Icelandic footage

A documentary project that highlights the love people have for their environment and their concerns about how seriously climate change could affect Europe is hoping to receive more video entrants from Iceland.

The film, which is being made for the French-German public TV channel ARTE and will be broadcast during the Paris Climate Summit, aims to inspire people to speak up on the issue and fight to ensure the environment is not altered to the detriment of the earth.

The producers explain that the aim is to make a 52-minute movie using one-to-three-minute short videos filmed by citizens from 51 countries from Greenland to Kazakhstan.

“In these they will show their favourite places in nature, talk about their special relationship with nature and explain why they do not want to see it disappear because of climate change,” say the producers.

“The technical and visual quality of the videos is less important to us than the landscapes, and especially the personal message people want to share.”

A web-based call for participation named Climate Ops has been launched with the aim of collecting videos for the project, and will run until 31 August. As participation is voluntary, the film project relies on media partners who are prepared to promote it in their home countries.

However, the producers say that although they have received a few videos from Scandinavian countries, they have unfortunately received none from Iceland, which they feel would be beneficial because of the country’s beautiful nature. Therefore, they have urged anyone who cares deeply for the environment to take some footage using their camera, phone or tablet, and submit it prior to the 31 August deadline.