Icelandic Group acquires FleXicut

Icelandic Group has bought the state-of-the-art water-jet cutting robot FleXicut, known for its efficiency in detecting and removing fish bones.

The device comes with a high resolution X-ray as well as two water-jet cutters and a cutting blade, enabling it to locate the smallest of bones before cutting the fillet and removing them.

The North Atlantic island company is the first within the industry to install the machine in its processing facility, Ny-Fiskur, in Sandgerdi.

Manufacturer Marel said that Ny-Fiskur will now be able to produce more bone-free products with little to no manual handling as FleXicut reduces the need for skilled labour and improves product handling and yields.

The device can perform a number of cutting patterns because of the flexible water-jets installed to handle the process of bone removal.

For example, the angle cutting method enables it to follow the bones’ curved lines and, therefore, affectively reduce pinbone material. This, in turn, results in considerable yield gains in the fish’s most valuable part, the loin, and increases value as a result of less manpower being needed during the process.

Icelandic Group is a renowned seafood company that boasts more than 70 years in the industry and offers numerous seafood services and products worldwide.