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Iceland: World’s largest manmade cave opened

Tourists in Iceland will now have the opportunity to step inside the world’s largest manmade cave, after work on the feature on the Langjokull glacier was finally completed.

Langjokull is among the world’s largest glaciers, and now travel operators are offering people the chance to travel over 2,500 feet into it as part of a unique tour.

The idea was dreamt up by Hallgrimur Orn Arngrimsson and Baldvin Einarsson, who said they hoped to give people the feeling of being surrounded by ice, as well as offer them a chance to see stunning “blue ice” which is a result of the ice buried beneath the surface of the glacier appearing to be breathtaking shades of blue.

Work on building the cave began in 2010, and now it is complete it is half a mile in length and reaches 1,000 below the glacier’s surface at its deepest point. It will primarily be a tourist attraction but will also be used by researchers and students at the University of Iceland to measure ice movements over time.

Tours will last for around four hours, while visitors will also have the opportunity to enjoy refreshments in a stunning location once the trip has been completed. The twists and turns will take people through the manmade structure and into smaller caves and chambers, while LED lights have been put in place to help guide the way and enhance the experience.

Furthermore, chambers can be rented out for parties, while there is even a wedding chapel.