Iceland #freethenipple’d in a big way

Yesterday was #free-the-nip­ple day in Ice­land, a day in which a fem­i­nist wave has swept the coun­try. The day was par­tic­u­larly cel­e­brated in Reyk­javik’s Uni­ver­si­ties and col­leges and an end­less amount of women tweeted their sup­port, and their nip­ples, in­clud­ing an MP. Mbl.is provided a look at the day in pic­tures in which women went bra­less or top­less to show their sup­port.

The in­ter­na­tional #freethenip­ple cause ad­dresses equal rights for men and women, a more bal­anced view of cen­sor­ship and the rights for all women the world over to breast­feed in pub­lic.

The hashtag went viral after 17-year-old Adda Smaradottir posted a picture of her nipple on twitter using the hashtag #FreeTheNipple. After receiving a derogatory comment she removed it, but the inititaive had taken wing and went viral in a big way.

Adda reposted her picture and was joined by hundreds of others who did the same to show their support.

Here are some samples of #freeTheNipple tweets:

#freeTheNipple #freeTheNipple #freeTheNipple #freeTheNipple #freeTheNipple