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Pensioners dating site launches in Denmark

A new dating site exclusively for the over-60 age group has opened in Denmark, with the aim being for single retirees to find companionship.

Pensionisdating.dk, which launched on Monday 9 March, is the Scandinavian country’s first dating site designed solely for seniors, and its co-founder Pia Braendstrup noted that there was a high demand for a site that catered purely for retirees.

Braendstrup revealed that he decided to develop the dating site after a number of older people approached him saying that it would be nice to have a companion to travel or go to events with.

He explained that anyone who had lost a partner for whatever reason or was used to having someone being with them could find it quite lonely to suddenly have to start doing things alone, adding that maybe such a website could help solve this problem and connect people who were going through the same thing.

Seventy-two-year-old Kjeld Nordraak Green was one of 300 retirees who tried the site out before its launch. He noted that everything happened online nowadays so pensioners should be included in the trend, pointing out that the site was no joke and was actually quite serious for many people.

He added that he hoped it would help him find a lady he could enjoy a future with.