Cannabis dealers a major problem outside Funen schools

Cannabis dealers a major problem outside Funen schoolsSchools on the island of Funen are having to deal with a new problem in the form of cannabis dealers selling the drug from their cars just outside the grounds.

Odense Police have been monitoring at least five vehicles that drive between schools offering cannabis to pupils, and are aware that the practice is common in other regions of Funen.

Among the affected schools is Sletten in the northern town of Otterup. Principle Hans Jorgen Larsen said that he didn’t know just how serious the problem was, however. He explained that they were aware of seven students who buy cannabis from the mobile sellers, but admitted they were unaware if that was only “the tip of the iceberg”.

He insisted that the school treated drug abuse seriously, pointing out that the moment they hear a pupil could be using cannabis they pass the information directly to the police.

Funen Police’s Ebbe Krogaard said that students need to be persuaded that using cannabis was a bad idea, adding that parents had to play their part to ensure drug use in schools is stopped.

Krogaard admitted that it would be difficult to target the sellers because it would not be possible to send out permanent patrols. He noted that if they were to have patrols in every area where dealing was a problem, there’d be a lot of hanging around and very little other police work being conducted.