Could Icelandic yogurt be the new it-girl?

Could Icelandic yogurt be the new it-girl? The Huffington Post asks, “could Icelandic yogurt be the new it-girl?” as Skyr hits the top spot as part of the publication’s recent blind taste test amongst various popular yogurts.

As part of the article, 11 taste testers were asked to try 12 plain, nonfat yogurts blindfolded, with the majority comprised of Greek-style yogurts.

Despite Greek-style yogurt accounting for over 40% of the U.S. market in recent years, Iceland’s Skyr came out the clear winner of this test put together by the Huffington Post.

Taste testers gave Skyr staggering reviews, proclaiming:

Super thick but SO sour. Would make a great base for a dip.”

“Yum! I wouldn’t eat it plain, but good in dips.”

“Extra points for thickness — how’d they do that without fat?”

“This yogurt could be a meal! Sour, thick, creamy and very delicious.”

The article mentions whether MS’ Skyr “could become the new it-girl?” meaning could the Icelandic product become the next big thing on the low-fat dairy market? Only time can tell, but the signs look positive as it is gaining wide acclaim in the UK, U.S. and the Scandinavian region.