Copenhagen, the cocaine capital of the Nordics

Shortly after data showed that Danes smoke more cannabis per capita than any other European country, new figures have revealed that Copenhageners snort more cocaine than any of their Nordic counterparts.

The European narcotics agency (EMCDDA) released new data showing that residents of the Danish capital snort enough lines of cocaine for traces of the drug to show up in the city’s waste water.

Tests at weekends – when more cocaine is snorted – discovered that 255mg of the drug was ingested per 1,000 people per day. This compares with 92mg in the Norwegian capital Oslo and 36mg in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

EMCDDA analyst Liesbeth Vandam said that the results show Copenhagen is ranked higher than its Scandinavian counterparts in terms of the level of cocaine remnants traced in its waste water.

However, Copenhagen may be the champions of cocaine snorting in the Nordics, but compared to lager cities such as London, Barcelona and Amsterdam it is lagging well behind. More cocaine remnants were also found in the waste water of similarly-sized cities like Dortmund, Valencia and Zurich.

Furthermore, snorting on a work night is far less likely in the Danish capital, with no remnants found in the waste water on Tuesdays.