CCP permanently bans vandalism culprits


Eve Online developers CCP have permanently removed three players linked to the vandalism of the monument it erected in Reykjavik as a tribute to its players.

In total, they have permanently shut down seven Eve Online accounts and a Dust 514 account linked to the three players. The developers have also given a six-month ban to another player found to have been indirectly involved in the vandalism incident. All four have been permanently banned from Fanfest events.

The controversy started when an Eve Online player scratched the name of an online rival off the newly-erected statue in Reykjavik. He later boasted about his actions on Twitter, making it easy for CCP to track down the guilty culprit. In the aftermath of the vandalism, a number of players took to “bullying” the player whose name had been scratched off the monument.

Community manager CCP Falcon said that they do not tolerate such behaviour and have a zero tolerance approach when it comes to victimisation and harassment in the Eve Universe.

CCP have opted to not release the banned players’ in-game identities as it would be against their private policies. The developer said that any further action relating to the criminal damage would remain confidential between the authorities, those involved and CCP Games.