Danes concerned by ‘average’ sex life

A recent study has revealed that 33 per cent of Danes living with their partner would describe their sex life as “average”.

Megafon, the company that carried out the research, also found that 18 per cent described their sex life as “below average” while a further 12 per cent claimed it was “significantly below average”. Meanwhile, just six per cent considered their sex life as “significantly above average”.

Aalborg University Sexology Centre consultant doctor Astrid Hojgaard explained, however, that it is well documented that people think others have a better sex life than they do. She noted that porn, films, TV series, books and magazines give people a skewed image of what a normal sex life is really like.

The research showed that men are more likely to feel dissatisfied in the bedroom, with 36 per cent describing their sex life as either below or significantly below average. Twenty-three per cent of females shared similar views.

Hojgaard said that a number of different studies have shown men tend to have a bigger appetite for sex during the course of their lives than women. She explained that they have a greater desire, which can result in the woman feeling pressurised and the man feeling unfulfilled. She added that this built-in inequality can create frustrations.

In February, Danish publication Politiken revealed that a higher number of Danes are living in sexless relationships, with six per cent of couples admitting to having sex a maximum of once a year.