Danish police

Police confiscate weapons from Danish students on Prague return

Danish police have seized a number of weapons after conducting a search of a bus with high school students not far from the German border.

The students, who were returning from a school trip in the Czech Republic capital Prague, were all from a school in the town of Odense, revealed Southern Jutland Police.

Police spokesman Erik Lindholdt said that the authorities inspected all the bags on the bus and discovered that some were filled with weapons including knives, stun guns and other blunt weapons. He confirmed that all the illegal arms would be sent away to be destroyed.

He went on to say that among the other arms they found was a slingshot with steal bullets, electric brass knuckles, a cosh baton and pepper spray. He added that many other kinds of illegal weapons were also discovered.

Lindholdt would not say why police originally decided to pull the bus over and carry out such a thorough search. None of the students will face charges of illegal weapon smuggling as they all refused the chance to come forward.