Full steam ahead for energy plants in Iceland

energy-iceland-data-centerThe Framework Programme for Hydro and Geothermal Energy Resources will come under review by the new prime minister in an attempt to fast track projects for energy.

In a radio interview, reported by RUV, new prime minister Sigmundur Davið Gunnlaugsson confirmed plans to review the framework which was passed by the previous parliament last January.

The Framework Program assessed 67 areas which have potential of geo-thermal or hydro power sources, based on expert opinion and public feedback, separating them into utilizable, under consideration or protected.

Prime Minister Gunnlaugsson expressed a desire to move forward with viable projects, particularly the aluminum smelter in Helguvík, besieged by delays for more than four years.

He raised the case of multiple objections sent to the previous Minister of Environment which were mostly ‘duplicated emails’ and should be dismissed. However, environmentalists aren’t convinced. Árni Finnsson, president of the Iceland Nature Conservation Association, responded that many of the objections were valid and unique. She described Gunnlaugsson as arrogant and ignorant.