Deported Afghan refugee sues Norway

Deported Afghan refugee sues NorwayAn Afghan refugee deported by Norway is suing the government because of the treatment he received back in his homeland. Farhad Hakimzai claims that after he was deported at the end of 2009, the Taliban captured and tortured him.

Lawyer Asma Khaliq is acting on behalf of Hakimzai and alleges that the Norwegian government violated his client’s rights by sending him back to a life of degradation and torture. Local reporters say the issue of whether the government is liable hinges on whether the claimant can prove the deportation contributed to his subsequent capture and treatment in Afghanistan.

Hakimzai’s application for asylum In Norway was rejected in January 2007. After this he went into hiding and was eventually caught by Norwegian authorities in December 2009. The Norwegian government says that when Hakimzai was deported to Afghanistan he was sent to a safe zone.

A spokesperson for the government claims that Hakimzai made the decision to travel into the danger zone where he was captured and therefore he is responsible for his torture. The government denies culpability for the actions of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Hakimzai has fled Afghanistan again and has been granted asylum in Italy. He says he would like to return to Norway as he gained some proficiency in the language and found employment while he was there.

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