Swedish couple woken up by dogs as house burns

Mira day oneTwo Swedes have survived a massive country manor fire thanks to their faithful friends. According to a Report published by The Local, the couple only realised their house was on fire due to the incessant barking of their dogs.

The blaze, which has now been fully extinguished, destroyed about half of the large manor in the countryside near Landskrona.

Following the ordeal, one of the victims told the Kvällsposten newspaper, “My husband woke me up. He had been awoken by the fire alarm and by our four dogs barking. ”

Nearly a half dozen local fire crews from the province of Skåne responded to the incident. Fire fighters were able to save a large portion of the structure, but the blaze was said to be exceptionally difficult to handle due to recent upgrades to the inner ceilings that allowed the fire to spread quickly.

Fire fighter Anna Elofsson told the media, “It is a long building and large parts were already burnt through when we arrived. Some parts of the house were completely destroyed,” the KVP news agency reports.

The couple has since said that they have figured out what started the blaze: “Apparently there were candles lit in the conservatory. We also know that this is where the fire started and it is in one of the parts of the house that was completely burned down. But we are simply grateful that we are out. It was a terrible ordeal. Almost our entire home was destroyed.”

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