Blue Lagoon in Iceland provides unique backdrop for The Weird Girls

As part of its commitment to supporting the arts, the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa in Iceland has once again provided its unique backdrop for artistic purposes. The lastest episode of The Weird Girls, created by visual artist Kitty Von-Sometime, is set in the Blue Lagoon and focuses on rebirth and the concentration on confidence.

“The women became water creatures conceptually based around flying fish. Shying away from the observer they gradually engage and then throw themselves up from the water, exhibiting their splendour,“ explained Kitty Von-Sometime.

She continued, “Previous to moving to Iceland, I visited Blue Lagoon every time I came as a tourist to the country, often more than once per visit. It‘s a magical place unlike anywhere else I have visited and its combination of natural wonder and first person experience made it a winner.“

The Weird Girls Project is an ongoing art experiment created and produced by Kitty Von-Sometime. The project evolves episode by episode and the particpants interchange with those involved from the very beginning to new members that increase with every event.

Magnea Guðmundsdóttir, the Blue Lagoon‘s director of Public Relations, commented,“Kitty Von-Sometime‘s The Weird Girls project is an unparalleled approach to utilising art to release the natural power within.“

Each episode is planned for about three months and the participants know as little as possible about the project, apart from the date it takes place. The main element of the project is to release the unknown. Prior Episodes include The Weird Tour or China for Converse China. Kitty Von Somtime is now working on her latest art project in Shangahi, China, at the invitation of Swatch.

To watch the The Weird Girls project video set at the Blue Lagoon, visit

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