Sweden takes top spot in Tim Berners-Lee web index

A new ‘state-of-the-web’ index by Sir Tim Berners-Lee has listed Sweden in first place, ahead of the United States. The new list from the World Wide Web Foundation released this week rated the political and social impacts of the web in 61 countries.

This year saw Sweden beat the US (2nd place) as well as the United Kingdom (3rd place) in the “overall” category.

Each country was ranked in several different categories: censorship and regulation, laws, the state and availability of web-enabling infrastructure, web use, economic impact and social impact, content, institutional infrastructure and education.

The report by the group also said that only one in every three people worldwide are able to use the internet, whilst the figure in Africa was less than one in six.

Among other specific categories, Ireland took the top position for the largest economic impact created by the web; some 14 per cent of the country’s GDP is comprised of ICT services. Meanwhile, Iceland emerged as the nation with the largest amount of web users, with around 95 per cent of its population taking advantage of the internet.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee criticised censorship authorities and service providers for limiting web access in many countries.

He said to reporters, “By shining a light on the barriers to web for everyone, the index is a powerful tool that will empower individuals, government and organisations to improve their societies,” the BBC reports.

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